Product Review: Close Caboo Baby Carrier

Before I was a mum, I never really got why people used baby carriers. “Why don’t they just use a buggy?” I used to think, but I TOTALLY get it now. When you have a baby that is going through a clingy phase and doesn’t want to be put down it can be exhausting and sometimes you just need to get on with things! Also sometimes it’s nice to take her for a walk without having to push the buggy.

I didn’t really know much about baby carriers (but Cate does…see her post about different types here), I just knew that I wanted the fabric kind, one that was easy to put on and one that didn’t cost a fortune. I asked the other mums in our group for recommendations and the Close Caboo came up a few times. I really liked the look of it and after watching a YouTube video of how to use it, I decided to purchase it. I got it from John Lewis and managed to get it delivered next day to my local petrol station which has a little Waitrose attached to it. I think I paid around £40 for it, it was in the early days when I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep so forgive me if I don’t recall the exact amount.


IMG_20141024_201506As the name suggests, the Close Caboo keeps Emma mega close on a clingy day.

Walks in muddy countryside type places are much easier when you don’t have to push a buggy.

It’s comfortable for me to wear as the weight is spread quite evenly and the large shoulder straps help.

It has magical sleep powers for Emma.

I think that £40 is very reasonable for the carrier and you can pick them up very cheaply second hand.

It’s machine washable…vital after a good vomit session (her, not me!)

It’s super lightweight so it’s easy to pack in the changing bag


I found it quite tricky to get used to getting Emma in and out of this carrier with out help or a mirror

Emma is quite nosey so when she is awake she can sort of push herself back to look around and then when she falls asleep I find myself having to hold her head. It was ok when she was much smaller as I could tuck her head under one of the straps but she’s too big to do that now. I know that there are other positions that you can use with this carrier but I’ve not attempted those yet.


Personally, I think that a baby carrier is an essential thing for a new mum and I’ve been really pleased with the Close Caboo. I’ve since purchased a Connecta Solarweave because it’s easier to get on and off but I do miss the closeness of the Caboo and for the early newborn stages I would say that it is the better for the two.

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