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Product Review: Close Caboo Baby Carrier

Before I was a mum, I never really got why people used baby carriers. “Why don’t they just use a buggy?” I used to think, but I TOTALLY get it now. When you have a baby that is going through a clingy phase and doesn’t want to be put down it can be exhausting and sometimes you just need to get on with things! Also sometimes it’s nice to take her for a walk without having to push the buggy.

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Bugaboo Bee Plus Review

Public transport user, city dweller – Lara reviews the Bugaboo Bee Plus.

In a big, bad city like London, size matters. As a family of home workers we don’t own a car, so when researching a pram for our baby boy we were focussed entirely on what would fit onto public transport. It was really important for me to be able to get out and about with my baby, and not be grounded by a massive pram.

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Baby book reviews. Which ones are fun for you to read, and that baby doesn’t hate!

I’ll be honest, when E was tiny I read him books mainly because I read everywhere that I should be! It was largely for my own benefit as E just considered it another strange moment in the strangeness of his little life. I was largely ignored, but I do have a few nice books now that we both enjoy, so here is a review of a few we are currently reading.

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Joie Chrome Review

I’d like to say that I made a careful and considered choice when it came to picking a pram. The truth is, like so many decisions in my life, I simply rushed in like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop. I think we visited the usual shops once each and had a play about but soon realised that buying a pram was like a crash course in complex engineering. Quite quickly our focus changed from “ooh, look how fabulous that is” to “HOW MUCH?!?” and “How does this bloody thing fold down?”. Then, it happened, one rainy March evening, 30 minutes before closing time we accidentally stumbled across the Joie Chrome.

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Review – Tuppence and Crumble Star Wrap

imageEmma got a Tuppence and Crumble Star Wrap for Christmas from her two uncles…this thing is total genius! It’s a fleecy blanket that has been sewn into a star shape. Not only does it look really cute, but it’s also one of the best things that we have for Emma and we use it most days in the recent cold weather.

Blankets offend Emma which is a shame as we have so many lovely ones but if you have the audacity to put one anywhere near her, she goes mental and kicks it off! However she loves her Star Wrap!

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Review – Bugaboo Cameleon 3

When I was pregnant we spent a LOT of Saturday afternoons in Mothercare, looking at prams. My husband even subscribed to the Which website to research the best ones, and I trawled forums and reviews and blog posts – we took it very seriously! We found, in the end, that we both kept coming back to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Six months on, I am still absolutely delighted with it, and can only give it a glowing review.

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