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Flying long haul with baby – hand luggage

As A approaches ten months old, we are preparing to take her on her first holiday. Never ones to do things by halves, her first time away will be long haul – we are going to America for a fortnight. Needless to say, planning to travel that distance with a baby has taken quite a lot of thought. There have been spreadsheets…! We have not travelled yet, but here are my initial packing lists. When we get back from the holiday, I’ll update and review whether I got it right or not!

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Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg

This is a firm family favourite and easily adapted for little people. I start out cooking the mince and veg together and then separate out the baby portion so I can add more salty seasonings to the adult version. It is not necessarily a traditional recipe, but contains lots of lovely healthy veg. Age: 6 months plus if pureed Texture: easy for you to adapt depending on how much (if at all) you puree it Ease of hold: tough, will need cutlery or a high tolerance for mess! Serving: spoon feed or allow little fingers to pick up clumps Extras: a variety of veg can be hidden in this dish Overall: takes a bit of time to make, but will serve the family with plenty of baby portions left for the freezer Continue reading Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg

Our weaning journey

I had mixed feelings about weaning. After our massive failure to breastfeed, in some ways I was looking forward to it. Weaning puts everyone on an equal level – we all have to do it, and once babies are having solid food the breast or formula issue might seem less somehow. On the other hand, I had managed to try and stuff myself with just too much information from too many sources and somehow felt confused and stressed about the whole thing.

I felt that there was a Big Decision to make. A few, in fact. Do you wait until the government’s recommended age of 6 months? Do you do purees or baby led weaning? All organic and home made or is some ready made food ok? Suddenly, the more I thought about it the more confusing and stressful it felt. Continue reading Our weaning journey

Ewan: an ode to a dream sheep

(Well, not really an ode. That is a bit too demanding for my poor brain – I just had a baby, you know! But if I were poetically inclined I would write odes to this guy. I’d write sonnets, heck, I’d dedicate an epic poem to him. That is the depth of my feelings…) Rachael has already told you about one of your new gentleman friends, Freddie the firefly. Not to encourage infidelity, but I really need to introduce you to another man you are going to need in your life. His name is Ewan, and he is a dream sheep.

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Review – Bugaboo Cameleon 3

When I was pregnant we spent a LOT of Saturday afternoons in Mothercare, looking at prams. My husband even subscribed to the Which website to research the best ones, and I trawled forums and reviews and blog posts – we took it very seriously! We found, in the end, that we both kept coming back to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Six months on, I am still absolutely delighted with it, and can only give it a glowing review.

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Living with a Reflux Baby

Baby muslin reflux

This picture is of my adorable baby, A, and it is pretty typical of her life so far. She spends most of her waking hours shrouded in layers of muslins. No, it is not a questionable fashion choice on my part. The muslins go hand in hand with a lingering sour odour and constant suspect white stains on clothing and soft furnishings to signal that I have a Reflux Baby.

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