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Ewan: an ode to a dream sheep

(Well, not really an ode. That is a bit too demanding for my poor brain – I just had a baby, you know! But if I were poetically inclined I would write odes to this guy. I’d write sonnets, heck, I’d dedicate an epic poem to him. That is the depth of my feelings…) Rachael has already told you about one of your new gentleman friends, Freddie the firefly. Not to encourage infidelity, but I really need to introduce you to another man you are going to need in your life. His name is Ewan, and he is a dream sheep.

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K’s late pregnancy countdown – pillows, pillows, pillows!

Pregnancythe final countdown. A guest post from one of our few remaining pregnant ladies, K.


So here I am – 38 weeks pregnant. Now, I know no one has ever said this would be easy or the most comfortable time of life but I dont think I ever realised how many pillows were about to invade my bed! 

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Our experience of cranial osteopathy

I felt like I’d won the lottery when, at the tender age of 10 weeks, my baby girl started sleeping in 8 hour stretches through the night. It almost made up for the fact that most of those first 10 weeks were spent in floods of tears as I struggled, and failed, to breastfeed.

However, as we cracked on with the formula, the sleep situation disintegrated at approximately the same rate it’d improved. She would wake up writhing and struggling with wind. My sympathy soon gave way to frustration as she failed to re-settle and seemingly endless hours were spent rubbing and rocking and crying (sometimes all three of us!). By Christmas we were barely sleeping at all and I’d reached desperation point. It was like thieves had snuck into our house in the night and stolen our lottery win while we slept. Hahahahaha! Just kidding. We never slept.

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Why a muslin cloth is my number one must have!

When my baby was born I was sure I’d thought of everything, bought every gadget and read every book. One thing I hadn’t really considered was giant muslins. I’d heard a few comments about them, but I thought my fancy Mamas and Papas embroidered ones were the best and so didn’t pay much attention.

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