Top Five Highchair Toys

Hurrah, your baby is eating real food! But just how are you supposed to keep little one entertained whilst you prepare them a nutritious meal? Here’s my countdown of top five toys that can keep baby entertained while you’re busy being supermum.



Something Noisy: Xylophone, or anything else baby can bang on to make noise. For example, you can use pans and a wooden spoon or a mini piano.



Something random: Box of goodies. Easy-peasy! Just fill a box full of random things that your baby can pull out, look at, chew on and probably throw on the floor. Mine has random teethers, small rattly toys, rubber bath toys. An alternative to this is the ever-popular Tomy Box of Eggs. Be warned, it consists of thirteen individual pieces, so you’ll need a strong back and possibly a naturally sunny disposition.




Something clever: Books! Once your baby can master more delicate hand movements, flap books are an excellent way to keep him or her entertained for a while. Particular favourites in our house are Dear Zoo and In the Garden.


Something fiddly: Bead Maze. Cheap and cheerful. Get one with suckers to keep it in place. We have this one: beads



The one that has it all: V-Tech Little Friendlies Sing-a-Long Spinning Wheel. Awesome invention! Lights, music, action. So good it deserves a full review which you can find here:

Good luck (to you and your back)!

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