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Background: A museum Curator before being made redundant when pregnant, so now a SAHM. Married to my best friend, and with Meggie the elderly Collie making everything fluffy. Our daughter, our little Sprout, joined us in July 2014. Daydreaming of sewing more patchwork quilts, baby items and reupholstering some vintage chairs. Special Interests: Breastfeeding, Oral Ties, Babywearing, Co-Sleeping, Attachment Parenting, 4th trimester, Colic, PND, Baby Led Weaning, thrifting, festivals, forests, tea and sewing.

Sling Slang – a guide to baby carrier terms

We went to our first sling meet when Sprout was just a few weeks old. Mums there had all sorts of slings, and many had more than one, and everyone seemed to know what they were doing, apart from me. I was failing at remembering the names of babies and mums, even before I tried to understand the sling-slang that seemed to make up half of the conversation:

“Stretchy”     “Cushy”     “unicorn”      “DISO”       “permastash”

It was almost overwhelming. But what I failed to realise then was that everyone there had been in the same position once, and probably not very long ago.

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Baby Sling-O-Rama! – different types of baby-carrier

Baby Sling-O-Rama?! What sort of title is that? Have I lost the plot?

Yes, I actually think I may have. I am a new mum, I have a colicky baby, husband who works all hours possible, a dog who is sad because she is no longer in charge, and a house that hasn’t been properly cleaned since I stopped being able to see my feet past the baby bump.

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