Who we are and why we blog

This blog is run by a group of mums who met on a forum while we were all pregnant in 2014, and then set up a Facebook group to support each other. We are an eclectic mix of ladies from across the UK with a range of experiences, approaches and opinions on lots of issues. Somehow we managed to disagree on many subjects, and yet still learn so much and remain good friends! Some of us have been friends for many years while trying to get pregnant, and despite a forum having brought us together, most of us have now actually met. The power of the internet in action.

We all learned so much from sharing our experiences on the Facebook group that we decided a blog would be fun to do as well. None of us claim to be experts on raising babies, but hope that our group blog gives a wider perspective on how to survive the early years.

It’s not all serious though! The fun and humour of contributors hopefully shines through the posts, along with such a great love for our little families. We are all in this together and just want to share  the joys, the hardships and more than a few glasses of wine.

Further details on each contributor, including special areas of interest for each person.  About us

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