8 embarrassing parent confessions

As much as we all strive for parental perfection, it is normal to make mistakes…in fact, it is positively important for our children to see we are not perfect, right?! Here are eight of our anonymous parents’ slightly embarrassing confessions. It felt good to get these off our chests…

1. When the baby does a very obvious poo, both my husband and I spend the next minute pretending not to have smelt it, like a particularly stinky game of chicken. After all, he who smells it changes it!

Where is that smell coming from?!
Where is that smell coming from?!

2. I always say I am late due to a poosplosion but actually I needed to watch the last few minutes of Jeremy Kyle to find out the lie detector results.

3. When you congratulate yourself on having put the baby to bed without a peep… Until you realise you haven’t turned the monitor on and actually he is having a party for one in the cot.

Isn't it meant to have lights if it is on...?
Isn’t it meant to have lights if it is on…?

4. I dropped cake on the sleeping baby’s head. Then ate it, obviously. Oh. And it was more than once. ”

5. When I am out out with the pram I put on my best pathetic face so people help me up steps, even though I could have managed myself.”

Not so pathetic really!
Not so pathetic really!

6. When I answer the door in pyjamas in the middle of the day I always try to look stressed and pretend the baby has been difficult, to hide the fact I am actually just a bit lazy.”

Difficult? Me?!
Difficult? Me?!

7. Sometimes I have to give my baby an Ella pouch and toast for lunch because I accidentally ate the leftovers I was saving for him.

At least there is some fruit...
At least there is some fruit…

8. Once I picked the baby up and was shocked to find everything soaked through – was it a defective nappy?! Nope – dad forgot to put a nappy on at all!

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