Flying long haul with baby – hand luggage

As A approaches ten months old, we are preparing to take her on her first holiday. Never ones to do things by halves, her first time away will be long haul – we are going to America for a fortnight. Needless to say, planning to travel that distance with a baby has taken quite a lot of thought. There have been spreadsheets…! We have not travelled yet, but here are my initial packing lists. When we get back from the holiday, I’ll update and review whether I got it right or not!

A is on prescription formula. If you are breastfeeding – easy! You can disregard lots of this list. If your baby is on regular formula, consider ordering ready made bottles to the Boots airside at your airport. You should be able to do this on the airport website, or Boots’ own website.


(7 hour flight. Probably close to 14 hours door to door. A is on prescription formula and various medication)


  • flask (fill with hot water from the lounge or a café once through security) 7 scoops formula x 5 (with gaviscon added) – I use this formula dispenser  – two of them)
  • 5 sterile bottles each containing 5 oz boiled water
  • 1 empty sterile bottle for mixing hot water with formula (2oz hot water)
  • muslins x 4
  • bibs x 4
  • Ella’s kitchen pouches x 4
  • spoons x 2
  • rice cakes/wafers/biscuits/cream cheese sandwich/banana bread
  • sippy cup full of water
  • spare unopened can of formula in case of lost hold luggage
The eating bag - still to have bottles added!
The eating bag – still to have bottles added!


  • comfort soft toy
  • comfort blanket
  • 0.5 tog travel sleeping bag
  • Ewan the dream sheep


  • small new toys x 3 (new so that the novelty hopefully increases the distraction factor)
  • new books x 2
  • iPad with episodes of Peppa Pig, In The Night Garden and Fisher Price apps. Charger.
  • mirror
  • empty baby wipes packet

Medicating (if you’re lucky, you won’t need most of this!)

  • Calpol sachets
  • Pirriton decanted into a 100ml bottle
  • medicine spoons
  • Omeprazole
  • Gaviscon
  • Epipen


  • nappies x 12 (consider buying additional small pack of nappies from Boots airside if she is going through them quickly)
  • nappy bags wet bag (for used muslins, dirty clothes, etc)
  • packet of wipes
  • fold out mat
  • disinfectant wipes – one pack in each bag



  • 2 spare vests
  • 2 spare sleep suits (separated into easily grabbable bags)


  • dummies
  • dummy clips
  • change of top for mum
  • teething necklace for mum
  • chocolate for mum (amount: plentiful)

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