Avocado on toast – a really simple starter food for non-cooks

1. Choosing an avocado: you need a nice soft avocado. The best way is to gently squeeze the narrow end and it should yield slightly under your fingers. Most supermarkets sell them a bit under-ripe, so leave them on the counter for a few days before using. Don’t store in the fridge or they won’t ripen.

Ripe avocado and a sharp knife
Ripe avocado and a sharp knife

2. Cutting it open: Cut around the stone and pull the two sides apart. A few brown bits aren’t a problem, but not too many or the taste will be a bit bitter. To get the stone out you can pry it out with a spoon, or if you are confident bring a knife down hard onto the stone, then twist it out. Don’t hold it in your hand the first few times!


3. Run a spoon around the flesh, and either remove it and mash with a fork on your board, or do it in the skin as per the picture. If there are a few too many brown bits you can remove them and mash the rest.

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4. Spread onto toast, and cut into fingers. Wholemeal bread is good for babies, but nothing grainy to start with as it’s harder for them to eat. I find toast better as my baby likes the crunch, and it holds together a bit better. Bread tends to get gummed into a mushy ball quite quickly.


5. Serve!

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The most helpful advice I was given about breastfeeding

The world is awash with breast feeding advice. I was advised that breast is best (although when your baby reaches six months you will need to give vitamins). I was advised to breast feed to help my child benefit from my immune system. The only two colds we have had so far have been at the same time but this could also be our proximity. I was advised it might help prevent eczema and indeed he did not have dry skin until weaning commenced.

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Flying long haul with baby – hand luggage

As A approaches ten months old, we are preparing to take her on her first holiday. Never ones to do things by halves, her first time away will be long haul – we are going to America for a fortnight. Needless to say, planning to travel that distance with a baby has taken quite a lot of thought. There have been spreadsheets…! We have not travelled yet, but here are my initial packing lists. When we get back from the holiday, I’ll update and review whether I got it right or not!

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How to make a cup of tea (when you have a baby) in 30 easy steps.

Sometimes a blog post takes a long time, and requires a degree of imagination. This one didn’t – it was my real morning!

It reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to tease mum about the endless cups of cold tea that we would find around the house. Most of which were still completely full. But, I think I get it now – and in fact I’m pretty impressed she would get the tea made each time with 4 kids to look after.  My morning below shows how hard it can be!

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Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg

This is a firm family favourite and easily adapted for little people. I start out cooking the mince and veg together and then separate out the baby portion so I can add more salty seasonings to the adult version. It is not necessarily a traditional recipe, but contains lots of lovely healthy veg. Age: 6 months plus if pureed Texture: easy for you to adapt depending on how much (if at all) you puree it Ease of hold: tough, will need cutlery or a high tolerance for mess! Serving: spoon feed or allow little fingers to pick up clumps Extras: a variety of veg can be hidden in this dish Overall: takes a bit of time to make, but will serve the family with plenty of baby portions left for the freezer Continue reading Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg