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Confessions of a combi-feeder

Before you got pregnant or had your baby I bet you never thought that much about your boobs did you? I know I didn’t beyond a wishful, cursory check every so often that they hadn’t disappeared – though I think my husband would’ve let me know if they had. However once I got that precious, long awaited bfp (big fat positive – positive pregnancy test!) all of the things I’d previously tried to stop myself thinking about came flooding in. What our baby would be like, how we would parent it, what we could call it, how I would give birth and where, whether it really needed so many giraffe based newborn items (answer: yes) and how to feed it.

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Freddie the Firefly Review

Listen up – I’m here to tell you that you need a new man in your life. Let me tell you about this guy. He’s great with kids; he’s universally loved by all adults (I dare you to touch him and tell me you didn’t enjoy it) and he’s incredibly versatile – wondering if there’s sick in your hair? He’ll help you figure it out. Gagging to know more? Let me introduce you to Freddie

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Joie Chrome Review

I’d like to say that I made a careful and considered choice when it came to picking a pram. The truth is, like so many decisions in my life, I simply rushed in like the proverbial kid in a sweet shop. I think we visited the usual shops once each and had a play about but soon realised that buying a pram was like a crash course in complex engineering. Quite quickly our focus changed from “ooh, look how fabulous that is” to “HOW MUCH?!?” and “How does this bloody thing fold down?”. Then, it happened, one rainy March evening, 30 minutes before closing time we accidentally stumbled across the Joie Chrome.

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