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Avocado on toast – a really simple starter food for non-cooks

1. Choosing an avocado: you need a nice soft avocado. The best way is to gently squeeze the narrow end and it should yield slightly under your fingers. Most supermarkets sell them a bit under-ripe, so leave them on the counter for a few days before using. Don’t store in the fridge or they won’t ripen.

Ripe avocado and a sharp knife
Ripe avocado and a sharp knife

2. Cutting it open: Cut around the stone and pull the two sides apart. A few brown bits aren’t a problem, but not too many or the taste will be a bit bitter. To get the stone out you can pry it out with a spoon, or if you are confident bring a knife down hard onto the stone, then twist it out. Don’t hold it in your hand the first few times!


3. Run a spoon around the flesh, and either remove it and mash with a fork on your board, or do it in the skin as per the picture. If there are a few too many brown bits you can remove them and mash the rest.

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4. Spread onto toast, and cut into fingers. Wholemeal bread is good for babies, but nothing grainy to start with as it’s harder for them to eat. I find toast better as my baby likes the crunch, and it holds together a bit better. Bread tends to get gummed into a mushy ball quite quickly.


5. Serve!

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How to make a cup of tea (when you have a baby) in 30 easy steps.

Sometimes a blog post takes a long time, and requires a degree of imagination. This one didn’t – it was my real morning!

It reminded me of when I was a kid and we used to tease mum about the endless cups of cold tea that we would find around the house. Most of which were still completely full. But, I think I get it now – and in fact I’m pretty impressed she would get the tea made each time with 4 kids to look after.  My morning below shows how hard it can be!

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Porridge Fingers – fully illustrated for nervous cooks.

This recipe comes from the official Baby-Led Weaning Recipe Book

Age: 6 months plus
Texture: chewy
Ease of hold: good but crumbles easily
Serving: take out of container and hand over.
Extras: would be good for adding fruit purees to

Overall: quick easy breakfast to feed your baby

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First steps to weaning – a dodging tigers guide.

Weaning your baby is a major step for any parent. The difficulty of breast vs bottle seems to fade away when faced with the reality of a finding real food that is healthy, nutritious and that isn’t flatly rejected by your baby.

And that’s before you realise you now have to start bringing food with you everywhere. For those of us who breastfed this is a major revelation! It was much easier just to bring your boobs with you!

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10 reasons why babies are like annoying drunken friends…

1. They fall asleep randomly in the most inconvenient locations.

My arm is in agony
My arm is in agony

Like that friend who just wants to get all deep and meaningful, then cry on you and fall asleep on your shoulder, babies just love a long drawn out complaining session, followed by finally falling asleep and trapping you in position.

The trick is to try and let that take place in a comfortable position as you won’t be able to move for some time.

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Reflux Remedies – non medical

Like Emily’s baby A, my little boy also suffered from severe reflux in the early days. He was premature (born at 33 weeks) and severe reflux is very common in premmies. Managing it was the main focus of the first few months of his life, and due to his small size and failure to gain weight we went to a medical solution quite early. However this post is about the non-medical solutions we used.

This post is NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, just my experience.

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Nipple shields to the rescue! My breastfeeding experience.

When I was pregnant I was pretty ambivalent about breastfeeding. I knew it was probably ‘best’, but I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. I think in a strange way I didn’t believe it would really work! These boobs?? Producing milk?? All a bit too weird. I’m hardly the earth mother type, and my IVF pregnancy was probably the most medicalised event of my life!

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A long journey of infertility.

Infertility isn’t a subject you always see on a mummy blog, but as it’s part of what brought some of the ladies behind this blog together I thought I would share a few words about the last 5 years that have been the best and worst of my life. In between the highs of marrying my wonderful husband in 2011 and having my beautiful son in 2014 were the toughest times I have ever experienced. Infertility was the hardest fight I have ever faced, and it has changed me profoundly. It’s a difficult thing for people who have had babies easily to understand, but when you want a baby and can’t have one, it takes over your life, your brain and your happiness.
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Baby book reviews. Which ones are fun for you to read, and that baby doesn’t hate!

I’ll be honest, when E was tiny I read him books mainly because I read everywhere that I should be! It was largely for my own benefit as E just considered it another strange moment in the strangeness of his little life. I was largely ignored, but I do have a few nice books now that we both enjoy, so here is a review of a few we are currently reading.

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