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Ewan: an ode to a dream sheep

(Well, not really an ode. That is a bit too demanding for my poor brain – I just had a baby, you know! But if I were poetically inclined I would write odes to this guy. I’d write sonnets, heck, I’d dedicate an epic poem to him. That is the depth of my feelings…) Rachael has already told you about one of your new gentleman friends, Freddie the firefly. Not to encourage infidelity, but I really need to introduce you to another man you are going to need in your life. His name is Ewan, and he is a dream sheep.

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Freddie the Firefly Review

Listen up – I’m here to tell you that you need a new man in your life. Let me tell you about this guy. He’s great with kids; he’s universally loved by all adults (I dare you to touch him and tell me you didn’t enjoy it) and he’s incredibly versatile – wondering if there’s sick in your hair? He’ll help you figure it out. Gagging to know more? Let me introduce you to Freddie

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