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Avocado on toast – a really simple starter food for non-cooks

1. Choosing an avocado: you need a nice soft avocado. The best way is to gently squeeze the narrow end and it should yield slightly under your fingers. Most supermarkets sell them a bit under-ripe, so leave them on the counter for a few days before using. Don’t store in the fridge or they won’t ripen.

Ripe avocado and a sharp knife
Ripe avocado and a sharp knife

2. Cutting it open: Cut around the stone and pull the two sides apart. A few brown bits aren’t a problem, but not too many or the taste will be a bit bitter. To get the stone out you can pry it out with a spoon, or if you are confident bring a knife down hard onto the stone, then twist it out. Don’t hold it in your hand the first few times!


3. Run a spoon around the flesh, and either remove it and mash with a fork on your board, or do it in the skin as per the picture. If there are a few too many brown bits you can remove them and mash the rest.

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4. Spread onto toast, and cut into fingers. Wholemeal bread is good for babies, but nothing grainy to start with as it’s harder for them to eat. I find toast better as my baby likes the crunch, and it holds together a bit better. Bread tends to get gummed into a mushy ball quite quickly.


5. Serve!

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