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Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg

This is a firm family favourite and easily adapted for little people. I start out cooking the mince and veg together and then separate out the baby portion so I can add more salty seasonings to the adult version. It is not necessarily a traditional recipe, but contains lots of lovely healthy veg. Age: 6 months plus if pureed Texture: easy for you to adapt depending on how much (if at all) you puree it Ease of hold: tough, will need cutlery or a high tolerance for mess! Serving: spoon feed or allow little fingers to pick up clumps Extras: a variety of veg can be hidden in this dish Overall: takes a bit of time to make, but will serve the family with plenty of baby portions left for the freezer Continue reading Simple shepherd’s pie with secret veg

First steps to weaning – a dodging tigers guide.

Weaning your baby is a major step for any parent. The difficulty of breast vs bottle seems to fade away when faced with the reality of a finding real food that is healthy, nutritious and that isn’t flatly rejected by your baby.

And that’s before you realise you now have to start bringing food with you everywhere. For those of us who breastfed this is a major revelation! It was much easier just to bring your boobs with you!

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Our weaning journey

I had mixed feelings about weaning. After our massive failure to breastfeed, in some ways I was looking forward to it. Weaning puts everyone on an equal level – we all have to do it, and once babies are having solid food the breast or formula issue might seem less somehow. On the other hand, I had managed to try and stuff myself with just too much information from too many sources and somehow felt confused and stressed about the whole thing.

I felt that there was a Big Decision to make. A few, in fact. Do you wait until the government’s recommended age of 6 months? Do you do purees or baby led weaning? All organic and home made or is some ready made food ok? Suddenly, the more I thought about it the more confusing and stressful it felt. Continue reading Our weaning journey