Review – Tuppence and Crumble Star Wrap

imageEmma got a Tuppence and Crumble Star Wrap for Christmas from her two uncles…this thing is total genius! It’s a fleecy blanket that has been sewn into a star shape. Not only does it look really cute, but it’s also one of the best things that we have for Emma and we use it most days in the recent cold weather.

Blankets offend Emma which is a shame as we have so many lovely ones but if you have the audacity to put one anywhere near her, she goes mental and kicks it off! However she loves her Star Wrap!

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Our experience of cranial osteopathy

I felt like I’d won the lottery when, at the tender age of 10 weeks, my baby girl started sleeping in 8 hour stretches through the night. It almost made up for the fact that most of those first 10 weeks were spent in floods of tears as I struggled, and failed, to breastfeed.

However, as we cracked on with the formula, the sleep situation disintegrated at approximately the same rate it’d improved. She would wake up writhing and struggling with wind. My sympathy soon gave way to frustration as she failed to re-settle and seemingly endless hours were spent rubbing and rocking and crying (sometimes all three of us!). By Christmas we were barely sleeping at all and I’d reached desperation point. It was like thieves had snuck into our house in the night and stolen our lottery win while we slept. Hahahahaha! Just kidding. We never slept.

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Review – Bugaboo Cameleon 3

When I was pregnant we spent a LOT of Saturday afternoons in Mothercare, looking at prams. My husband even subscribed to the Which website to research the best ones, and I trawled forums and reviews and blog posts – we took it very seriously! We found, in the end, that we both kept coming back to the Bugaboo Cameleon 3. Six months on, I am still absolutely delighted with it, and can only give it a glowing review.

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Why a muslin cloth is my number one must have!

When my baby was born I was sure I’d thought of everything, bought every gadget and read every book. One thing I hadn’t really considered was giant muslins. I’d heard a few comments about them, but I thought my fancy Mamas and Papas embroidered ones were the best and so didn’t pay much attention.

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Living with a Reflux Baby

Baby muslin reflux

This picture is of my adorable baby, A, and it is pretty typical of her life so far. She spends most of her waking hours shrouded in layers of muslins. No, it is not a questionable fashion choice on my part. The muslins go hand in hand with a lingering sour odour and constant suspect white stains on clothing and soft furnishings to signal that I have a Reflux Baby.

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