My best toy buy: VTech Little Friendlies Singalong Spinning Wheel

Yes – it’s a mouthful, but the VTech Little Friendlies Singalong Spinning Wheel deserves a fantastically long name because it’s a fantastic product.

WP_20150329_15_17_16_ProThe toy consists of a ferris wheel that can be spun by baby. It plays different noises and songs. There are three animals on the wheel that can also be pressed and twirled, and stars that light up as it goes round.


It doesn’t get boring. There are numerous different tunes and sounds that it produces. The wheel is IDEAL for high chairs. It has a sucker on the base which keeps it in place. I can put R in her high chair while I make up a bottle or wash the pots and she will happily play with this toy for at least twenty minutes (that’s good, right?!). Battery life is good: we’ve had it two months and used it everyday and the batteries are still going strong. I will admit I am a fan of the VTech products, and so is R. However, the other half regularly threatens to boot some of their products through the window due to the annoying voices they have (especially when the battery starts going. They can sound damn sinister: “Peek -a-boooooo, I can seeeee you”). This one is a big hit with all in the family – it’s so varied it doesn’t get too repetitive, and the voice is endearing rather than irritating. It has got a quieter mode though, just in case you’re really having a bad day and the brown bear song would tip you over the edge.


I have no real problems with this product other than the sucker could be a bit stronger. Sometimes R manages to upend it and launches it at the nearest poor soul (usually the cats) when she’s had enough.


A quality toy and good value in respect of the amount of enjoyment bubs gets out of it. Thoroughly recommended.

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