My must have product – Cocoonababy

First I should say that E is only 6 months old, so I reserve the right to change my mind in the future, but I have to share my love for the cocoonababy, my absolute best baby buy so far!

So what is it? The cocoonababy is a shaped mattress for small babies which gives them the feeling of still being in your arms, and for my little boy it allowed him to relax and sleep for the first time. Before that he only slept in my arms so it was a lifesaver for me. It slightly raises the baby’s legs, and keeps their arms closer to them – not as tight as a swaddle – but allows them to feel cosy and contained within the cocoon. The actual mattress looks a little like a hammock, with firmer sides and a sort of mesh holding it all together, with a bar for the baby’s legs to sit up on.

IMG-20141003-WA0029It’s especially useful if you have a small,  premature and/or refluxy baby. When I got my tiny baby home the co-sleeper cot I had seemed massive! And he looked lost. Plus he kept throwing up which wasn’t fun for anyone. đŸ˜¦

The cocoon has a bar that you move down as the baby grows. This photo shows E early on where the bar is about halfway down the mattress. The bar keeps their legs higher up (like they do in NICU over towels) while letting the baby’s bum be lower than their head to try to reduce reflux.

Why I love it:

  • From the first test run E loved it and he looked so cosy in it.  And he slept! The first night he slept for ages like he was relieved to finally find a way to sleep comfortably.
  • The angled shape seemed to help his reflux, or at least make him less distressed by it. There was still plenty of vomit sadly.
  • It’s incredibly light and mobile. I could move it (with E inside) all around the house and even took it on holidays. Also if he fell asleep we could gently move him to the bedroom without waking.
  • E was a tiny baby so he got a lot of use from it. The recommended age range is up to 4 months, but E used it for almost 6 months. However if you have a larger baby you may not get as much use.
  • It’s very warm; it seems to radiate heat so when E kicked off his blankets (like many babies do) he was still warm enough with just a babygro. But he never got too hot – I think it’s like memory foam and is just warm enough for your body temperature.

IMG-20141003-WA0001This is the view from my bed. We put the cocoon onto the bedside crib so I could always see him easily.



Things to be aware of:

  • Try it out if you can. John Lewis have them in some of their stores and you can put your baby in. See if they like it . Best if you use their sample, not a new one, as it moulds over the first few uses and new ones are not in the final shape.
  • It’s expensive, although I’ve seen it discounted at baby shows.
  • They have to leave at some stage! The transition to a normal bed can be hard.
  • Sheets are expensive, and they are important to how the cocoon works. I had two and used a normal cot sheet the odd time both were in the wash, but it wasn’t as firm.

Product website

*I have no link to this product or company. Just a satisfied user*

I could wax lyrical about this product forever! It’s not for everyone but was a lifesaver for me. Happy to answer any questions.

So what do you think?

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